Turning Oslo into the world's first carbon-negative city

Oslo plan on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by 95 per cent relative to the 2009 level. In order to make the CO2 calculation negative, the city council will ensure that the city's nature is managed in a way that increases the absorption of greenhouse gas in forest and vegetation. It is also crucial for the goal that a full-scale carbon capture plant at the Klemetsrud waste facility be put in place.

Read the article her: https://www.aftenposten.no/osloby/i/QoELVV/Slik-vil-byradet-gjore-Oslo-til-verdens-forste-karbonnegative-storby


Kick-Off Borg CO2

Thursday the 27th of June 2019 we “kicked off” the project with majority of the project partnerts present! We now look forward to contributing to the United Nations sustainability goals, circular economics and national climate policy through reduced emissions of CO2.

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CCS- industrial cluster - Øra & regionally. Goals:

  • Contributing to increased value creation with partners and developing today's business models towards the future environmental requirements

  • Development of local and regional competence and environmental workplace

  • Contributing to the development of new small-scale technology, decarbonization, transport solutions as well as the sustainable use, and storage of CO2

  • The project will involve:

    • Exchange of experience and technology development, to significantly reduced operations and investment costs

    • Integration into and expanded use of established value chains, i.e. transport and storage

    • Developing business models, financing solutions and legal frameworks-for predictable operation with acceptable profitability

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CCUS-industrial clusters

The Norwegian government accords great importance to
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).
- https://www.regjeringen.no/en/topics/energy/carbon-capture-and-storage/